Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Do you really know who you are passing by?


© Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Audrey Hall, Staff Writer

As humans we pass by hundreds to thousands of people every day, we are always going to assume things about people. People only have a conversation with about 80,000 people in their life which seems to be a lot but in 2017 there were 7.53 billion people in the world, which means we only talk to about 0.001% of people in the world. When you talk to someone you don’t always know 100% about what is going on in their lives. From there people like to jump to conclusions about other everyday lives. 


If you see a man begging on the street you assume they are poor or homeless, so you give them money or food but only 20% of homeless people on the streets begging for money are actually homeless, the other 80% of “homeless people” have been shown to have some sort of home. Sometimes what you think about people is true especially if you know them but if you just assume something it is different then actual is Fake news can spread. 


Take the story of Eric Tucker, he was just a regular person. He is the co-president of a marketing company, one day he was going to work when he saw an anti-trump rally when he noticed buses right next to it unloading a bunch of people. He thought the buses where paid protesters, so he took a photo and put it on his Twitter account. He had only about 40 follows but it got retweeted imminently and got shared over 16,000 thousand times on twitter and more than 360,000 on facebook. The rumor reached the president who even bought into this observation being true. Later on it was proven that these people were not paid and doing this on their own accord. The president of the United States even chimed in supporting this fake observation.


“The average person walks past a murderer 36 times in their life” this was mentioned in a Techly article about interesting facts. People tend to make up stories about others they meet on the streets, or people they pass by in their everyday lives.Not all people who do bad things are bad people.  If you watch someone bump into someone on the street you might think this person not paying attention to things when they could just be late to a really important meeting maybe he is the CEO of a major company? If you see someone who looks put together and relaxed you assume he is chill, clam and has his life figured out when in reality he is stressing and wondering if he can put food on the table. No matter who the person appears to be they are always going to be judged by everyone around them. This is the nature of humans.


Judging people is just a natural thing for humans, people judge so it keeps them out of dangerous or unpleasant positions, but at the same time, you shouldn’t go by the other’s perceptions. Most of the time the first look of someone is not always correct. People judge people on the way they act and look, even though they might appear to be very professional, they might not be smart or have a good-paying job. If they act foolishly they might still be very highly ranked in there job. “You can’t judge people before you get to know them because it might not be true”, so please remember, don’t judge a book by its cover