Jazz Machine

Jazz Machine to perform at Coffee House

Anna Eldredge and Jenny Yang

On the twenty sixth of April, the BF jazz machine will be performing at the Coffee House in Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood. The BF jazz machine is a group of approximately 25 advanced musicians from grades 6-8, who all enjoy playing music. The instruments are mostly jazz-related, such as the trumpet and keyboard. The  director of this group of musicians is Mr. Curcio, the band teacher at BF.

The BF jazz machine has already performed at the Coffee House before, and many people are excited for their return. Some songs you should expect to hear are Groove Merchant and C-Jam blues. Both are jazz songs, and the students have practiced every Monday after school to master them the best they can

Each band member is important, because some sections only have 1-2 people, so they cannot rely on other members. There are about 7 members in the rhythm, which is consisted of drummers, keyboard players, bass players, and guitar players. And there are about 15 members of the wind and brass section.

The Jazz Band is still practicing as hard as ever to host an even more amazing concert than last time.

Not only that, but the Jazz Machine will be performing in the morning, at BF, during an assembly for the BF students to get a taste of the upcoming concert.