Oh The Horror: Believe Me It’s Good

Boo! Have you ever wondered why some people absolutely love horror movies and others absolutely despise them? Why are there so many horror movies in the world today? Why are people so obsessed with the dark side of the world? Many people think that horror movies are terrifying and have a negative effect on you. Although horror movies are more positive than they are said to be, horror movies tend to help with anxiety and fear, they can influence your real life decisions, and they teach you to protect yourself. 

At some point in a person’s life, they probably will watch a horror movie. The first time you watch a horror movie brings out a new side of you. Are you the scared one who absolutely despises horror movies and the evil side of the world? Or are you the one who is obsessed and finds horror movies so interesting and love things which go bump in the night?  

Horror movies tend to help people cope with their worries. It allows the brain to deal with anxiety providing you with a sigh of relief. If you’re watching a horror movie and the main character is killed by a terrifying monster, your brain then processes how you are in a safe place and have no need to stress yourself out because you are safe. In an article, The Shocking Benefits of Horror Films, Dr. Mathias Clasen states, “Exposure to horror films can be gratifying when the negative emotions caused by the film are manageable. Moreover, there’s psychological distance when we watch a horror film. We know it’s not real — at least, some parts of our brain know it isn’t real.”  Terrifying horror movies are not only thrilling but also help your mental health. 

Horror movies can influence your real life decisions. Once you watch a horror movie you will tend to see that your real life decisions will take a turn. An easier way to put it is that once watching a horror movie, it basically tells you what not to do. Most likely during a horror movie you have screamed from a jump scare, the music, or just the costumes used to terrify the viewers. People in horror movies make the most stupid decisions. Horror movies are something from you to learn from even though it never happened to you personally. 

There are many different genres of horror movies, comedy horror, folk horror, body horror, psychological horror, science fiction horror, slasher, supernatural horror, Gothic horror, natural horror, zombie horror, and teen horror. All of these different types of genres for horror movies represent a way of how it can influence your real life decisions. For example say you’re watching a teen horror movie such as, Truth or Dare. In this movie the teenagers make stupid decisions on playing a game in an old house that had been told to be haunted. This is bringing the viewers attention to continue on with the movie although their brain clicks to be careful about where you’re going, who you’re with, and your surroundings. Horror movies don’t just give you a good scare but also tend to influence your real life decisions. 

Horror. Love it? Hate it? Absolutely despise it? Obviously in a person’s lifetime they will end up watching a horror movie. Maybe a classic or a newly released one. One thing people tend to miss in horror movies is that something clicks in your brain. Not only is this horror movie thrilling and well terrifying but horror movies can teach you to protect yourself. 

Ever since our ancestors we have learned to strive to survive and we have learned to make and build our own items to survive. If you take this into consideration you could argue that horror movies teach you life lessons on how to protect yourself and survive our world today. They can help you to prepare to fight and improve your  instincts for survival. After watching a horror movie you can fight your way out of dangerous and or stressful situations not only by using your skills but your mind. That’s a horror movie for ya.

Many people think that horror movies are terrifying and have a negative effect on you. Horror movies are more positive than they are said to be,  tend to help with anxiety and fear,  influence your real life decisions, and teach you to protect yourself. There are many ways Horror movies can help others.  Horror movies, do you like them? Love them? Hate them? Despise them? Well, you’ll never know until you try watching one.