Frightful Foes

Frightful Foes

Claire Hamel

What happens if you binge watch too much horror? Many people enjoy horror movies, but don’t know the negative effects of it. Lots of people get scared easily and have different fears. Horror movies can trigger fears, cause stress and other psychological issues, and can change a person’s view on life, especially if they start at a young age.

At some point in a person’s life, they probably will watch at least one horror movie, whether they want to or not. Some people continue and enjoy watching them more than any other genre. A SYFY Wire study was done and it shows that about 51% of people in the U.S. watch and enjoy horror movies. Studies show that if a person who does not like horror watches a horror movie, they would be more likely to experience distress compared to someone who might enjoy them. Due to distress, the fear might carry on with them throughout their life.

They might have fears before watching the movie that were amplified, or develop new fears. Watching those that are based on true events can also trigger irrational fears, paranoia, and other psychological problems that aren’t good for your brain. A study at the University of Wisconsin was done and shows that children 14 and under who start to watch horror movies have a better  chance of developing mental health problems later on in their life. After being exposed to horror films, people can also feel increased emotions that they didn’t feel before. For example, if someone starts watching a horror movie with a positive attitude and happiness, they might come out feeling sad, scared, or anxious. 

To most people, stress is normal. Watching something stressful may not be the best for people who experience it on a daily basis. Watching horror movies can pose a possible threat to your brain which then responds with anxiety. Because of the stress, people are more likely to experience insomnia. If a person experiences too much stress, other health problems like high blood pressure, and heart disease may occur. Aside from stress, another negative psychological effect is losing social and connection skills with other people. If a person watches too much horror, over time they will eventually lose their ability to feel compassion and empathy towards other people. Losing social skills can also change someone’s outlook on life, which changes their daily decisions.

Many people develop psychological problems from watching horror. 

 Being scared of certain things can impact your decisions as well. For example, if someone watches a horror movie that takes place in the woods, they may avoid going on hikes. This can be good and bad. Horror movies have anything in them, and can turn a simple thing into a fear, turned into avoidance of whatever they are scared of. People can slowly start to be affected by horror, and horror can change you.

That’s what would happen if you watch too many horror movies. Horror can trigger fears, stress and physiological problems, and can change a person’s daily decisions. The side effects from watching horror movies are worse if started at a young age. Most of the time, people can’t escape horror movies,  but most people don’t know the real life dangers from watching a horror film.