Graduating-Covid Style

Elizabeth Sirotkin, Staff Writer

How will the 8th grade graduation work this year with Covid-19 around? This year we have all been affected by this pandemic and it is going to cause some changes in our lives. This means that events like graduations will have to be altered to keep everyone safe. The BF Bolt interviewed the Vice Principal of BF, Mr. Wu, and some students to get some information and their opinions on this year’s graduation. Some of this information is subject to change , however, here is what is known to us:

How the graduation would go if the weather didn’t cooperate and how it would be Covid-safe? The promotion will happen on the 18th of June and there will be practices on the 16th and 17th. The graduation ceremony will happen outside on the basketball courts. The two houses, Ridge and Franklin will be on two opposite sides of the courts, while parents will be on the field sitting, spread out, on the grass. To make it less of a hassle, parents will bring their own chairs. 

What if it rains? Mr. Wu told us that all of the kids would have ponchos under their chairs to use if it starts to rain. If it is only a light drizzle, then everyone would stay outside and continue the ceremony in ponchos. However, if it starts to rain cats and dogs, the parents would have to leave. While the kids would be brought into the auditorium where the ceremony would continue without the parents. 

Something the kids probably want to know is if there will be any food or drinks. There won’t be any food this year. However, there will be a refreshment stand with water and lemonade brought by the HSA. To make sure people don’t touch the same surfaces a lot, they will be in separate bottles. The school still needs to stay within safety protocols. 

What will actually be happening during the graduation? There will be several events, starting off with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Next, the Student Council President, Dan Loughlin, will give a speech. Following that, the winners of the promotion essays will give a speech as well. There will also be some musical selections played by the 8th grade band giving their first live performance in over a year. Lastly, there would usually be certificates handed out and the kids would shake hands as they step up. However, because of Covid-19, they will likely just call the names and either do an elbow or fist pump. There will definitely be no hand shake. “Certificates will be picked up at a specified table outside (or inside if it rains).  The tables will be labeled alphabetically to expedite the pickup process,” Mr. Wu said. Finally, Mr. Nyhuis, the principal of Ridgewood High School will say a few words to finish the ceremony. 


We are very lucky to have a ceremony and celebration at all. The 8th graders from last year didn’t even get that. So, even though things are definitely going to be different this year,, we need to keep looking at the bright side and enjoy what we have.