Mike Massenzio; A Motivated Coach


Kamila Castro, Staff Writer

Mike Massenzio coaches with a motivation; a motivation to turn kids into amazing wrestlers. From past experiences of being a high school state champion wrestler ( 2000-2001), then to a Ring of combat world champion (2007) and also a former UFC fighter, he is an inspiration to the youth he coaches. Mike Massenzio is a Ridgewood coach at the Ridgewood wrestling program. He is dedicated, hard working, and likes to show some discipline in the wrestling room and in life. From the sport of wrestling there are some valuable life lessons that you can apply to your life.  Recently Mike sat down with the Bolt to talk about his coaching and what motivates him.


What do you like about coaching in Ridgewood? 


“What I enjoy the most is watching a boy/girl grow from day 1 to the end of the season. To see where they start and to where they end. Just being able to help each individual reach their own goals is very important to me. “


What would you say to a student/parent who wants to get involved in the Ridgewood wrestling program but are unsure or nervous?


“To just give it a try. Wrestling is such a great sport. It not only helps you on the mat but will teach you so much for life. Discipline,dedication, work ethic, etc. it also allows you to meet new people.”


Women’s wrestling is becoming more popular every year. Your own daughter has done well in wrestling herself. What do you think the community can do to encourage more girl participants?


 “Just to spread the word and to let as many girls as possible know the opportunities out there. I think the problem is no one is aware that not only girls can wrestle too, but there is a female design as well.”


You fought on the mat and in the ring. Do you think your participation in the sport helped you in your daily life? How can a young athlete apply this to their own life?

 “Yes, 100% wrestling made me who i am today. It taught me to work hard, and to never give up if i wanted to reach my goals. It also taught me that if I truly put my mind to something nothing is impossible.“

 After getting a look at what Mike Massenzio is like and how he feels about coaching. People can grasp his  coaching style  he really is and how coaching made him into the person he is today. From his wrestling experience and life. He teaches you valuable lessons that he has learned and trains students to help them apply those lessons to their own lives. Massenzio should prove to be an important asset to the Ridgewood athletics program not only as a coach but a mentor to his students.