Air Vents, Ceilings and Lights: Typical Zoom Class.

Kamila Castro , Staff Writer

Everyone now seems to not want to show their face on a zoom or google meeting, individuals would think that they would have it on, but you don’t know they  could be at work or school and wearing rubber ducky p.js with a work suit on top or a hoodie and eating chocolate chip cookies and ice cream,  you will never know because they have their camera off. But sometimes that is not the case kids or adults  could be on their phones or doing something else behind the screen. 

In california schools  have a law stating that students are required to interact with their peers and teachers every day during long distance. Kids nowadays are having more of a difficult time with this rule. Having the major priority of keeping cameras on increases anxiety and stress. Other than that kids could be multi tasking, like eating ice cream or reading a book it could really depend on the person. Another reason could be that kids are camera shy, or have privacy issues. Sometimes people could get embarrassed or uncomfortable  about their areas that they would work in like their room or home and not want to turn their camera on. Some people can have a shrine of their favorite movie actor or actress and you will never know. 

Teachers should let kids have their own privacy. Some kids’ homes are their safe space and it might be easier for them to focus and so kids like school. Everyone has their own way of learning. Since there is a pandemic there is a lot more stress and pressure for kids now. Camera shy people could be thinking about what they look like or what their background is. Those thoughts put a lot of stress on them. Isaiah Pickens, a clinical psychologist says “Students could be shy because they are naturally introverted, or be driven by fear or anxiety that is focused on how the house looks, feeling like they will be made fun of, worry about the coronavirus or a number of other reasons. To provide the age-appropriate support, it begins by discovering why children are shy about getting on camera.”  People need to validate kids or adults’ feelings and not put them on the spot. 

If we don’t address this topic now there would probably be a lot more pressure than what individuals have today. For teachers,students,adults, parents, almost everyone. individuals  today whether it’s a parent or older sibling they need to set a good environment for themselves and the people around them. It’s ok to take a break from the camera  when needed. Covid 19 has already brought many challenges to school so should why having kids cameras on should be one of them? Having to turn it on everytime could be annoying or uncomfortable for some people, everyone is different. 

 If I was a teacher I would give kids the opportunity of having their camera off or letting them have a mental health day 2x per month. From my point of view I don’t like to have my camera on, because I am shy and don’t like to speak in front of the class. As a solution to this  kids could have the right to show their face or not and to give kids days without google meets.  Kids should also be able to type in the comments if they don’t want to speak. Whether they are nervous or eating ice creams kids should be allowed to have their cameras off. Kid to adults everyone needs  to be supported through this horrible pandemic.