What Are You Having?

The most ordered item at Wilkes Deli is?

Trevor Phillips, Staff Writer

Wilkes Deli and Catering has for a long time been a beloved and much appreciated business for Ridgewood residents. Wilkes deli has had a reputation of being an excellent deli for whatever a curious shopper would need. Candy, sandwiches, meats, sodas, and pastries, Wilkes has it all and then some! Before the coronavirus pandemic, school children lined up inside the store to buy whenever they wished for. Unfortunately, as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the nation, thousands of businesses have been forced to close and never reopen again. Many Ridgewood residents could not imagine a life without Wilkes deli for their iconic Buffalo Chicken sandwiches and great deals. 


Many people have wondered over a long time  what the favorite purchase at Wilkes Deli really is. It seems everyone who orders food at the deli on a daily basis has their own favorite meal to buy. Some people don’t ever buy anything they haven’t had before! Many customers never even look at the menu before ordering. But no one can really blame them. According to many long time customers of the deli, the Buffalo Chicken sandwich is the most popular purchase, “Sometimes they will have one (Sandwich) ready before you can even get your money out,” says Marcus Phillips, who goes to the deli “at least twice a week.”


So what is the most popular sandwich at Wilkes? When interviewing students, the overwhelming majority stated that the “Buff Chick” or Buffalo Chicken sandwich is the most popular. Julian Safai stated, “Buff Chick definitely, I haven’t even had it and I know.” Many people go to Wilkes deli from all over Ridgewood, the student population is only a small amount of the Ridgewood population. Maybe older residents that were have different preferences.  so let’s hear what some other people have to say. 


According to Mr. Schulke, an 8th grade Social Studies teacher at BF, the Buffalo Chicken sandwich is by far the most popular of the bunch. “I’m going to get it today with lettuce and tomato, when I get home I will be putting honey mustard on it!” 8th grade student Brooks Orr also affirmed to Mr. Schulke that the Buffalo chicken sandwich is by far the most popular. Electives teacher Mr. Ordini also stated without a doubt that the “Buff Chick ” is by far the most popular thing Wilkes Deli sells. This confirmed the fact that school teachers also believe that the Buffalo Chicken sandwich is the most popular and the best sandwich in the deli. Surprisingly, many people when asked what the most popular thing to get at Wilkes said the Buffalo Chicken personally didn’t even get the sandwich often. Possibly the fame of the food is what’s really talking rather than the truth. 


Now that many students and teachers are interviewed, it is time to ask the workers at the deli what they believe sells the most out of all the many products purchased every day. When interviewed, the people at Wilkes stated, “Buffalo chicken sandwich, oh definitely” before even blinking.


 The buffalo chicken sandwiches are made with buffalo sauce mixed with butter to create a unique taste unlike other buffalo flavored foods. The sandwiches have a perfect blend of flavor and spice that will make one be able to taste the sandwich in their mouth hours after eating. So, there you have it. The Buffalo chicken sandwich is confirmed to be the most popular food on the menu! Though this article has been about more of a lighthearted topic, it is important to support Wilkes Deli as a local small business. COVID-19 has made the past year very hard for many businesses around the country. Wilkes is not immune from this. In order to keep all Ridgewood businesses open and all jobs secure, make sure to try and buy from businesses such as wilkes as much as possible. The people at Wilkes are very kind and have been very helpful to the creation of this article. Next time you order a buffalo chicken sandwich, be sure to return the kindness and thank them.