The Best Coffee In Town

Ciara Taylor


The best coffee shops in Ridgewood


In the morning people are grumpy, tired and to say the least zombie-like, but this can all change with a good tasting cup of all coffee.  It can be hard to sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee at home, especially all the hard working mothers and fathers who are trying to get out the door before work. Luckily in the village of Ridgewood we have multiple drive throughs and quick stops to hit up by before dropping the kids off or heading into work.  Then you can have your morning cup of coffee and feel refreshed on the go.  As a seasoned coffee drinker for 4 years, I know a thing or two about what a good cup should taste like.

The first stop that comes to mind when I’m rushing out the door and need a quick good tasting coffee is the local Dunkin Donuts.  The Dunkin Donuts drive through and shop is a great place to get a good tasting  iced latte on the go.  Their ice oat milk latte had a great taste, it really hit the spot. You could taste the coffee, perfectly iced so and it wasn’t sweet. Although  if you were looking for a strong coffee flavor in your latte I would suggest this drink for you. The flavor was a little faint but the speed and services made up for it.  Not only were they the quickest stop and go shop but they also had great service too. Pulling up was easy and giving my order was quick and easy. By the end of the bend pulling up to the window they were already done with my drink. Their prices were very reasonable compared to some of the other coffee shops and this would leave Dunkin in the middle for price at $ 5.31. For a quick stop and go coffee before work or quick breakfast to wake up before the day begins.

Another great selection for great tasting coffee is the Ridgewood Coffee Shop. Their coffee was pretty good. The coffee flavor was a little faint but overall the taste was great. Not to mention the presentation was amazing,. When the barista handed the latte to me it was in a plain plastic clear cup, the milk was at the bottom so when they poured the coffee in the milk cream mixture rose  and was unmixed causing it to look marble like. This made it alot cooler looking and fun to mix. The dynamic of the shop had a cool aesthetic to it so overall it was a very enjoyable experience  In addition, their service and speed was amazing.The latte was done in a short few minutes and the barista knew exactly what he was doing and was quick to take the order.  On the other hand their price was a little on the high side  compared to the other shops, but for everything they have to offer it was worth it.  If you’re looking for a great experience, a good tasting cup of coffee and a slightly higher priced coffee go to Ridgewood Coffee Shop,  they won’t disappoint.


Next on the list is somewhere we all know, Starbucks.  Their iced latte was mediocre, it definitely wasn’t the best tasting  latte . The Coffee flavor was extremely faint, the ice was heavy. In addition to the mediocre coffee their service and speed was horrendous. Their workers were not friendly and they took a very long time to make the drink. Overall the experience there wasn’t great. In addition to the bad service and speed, the price was very high for the small amount of coffee. If you’re in a  rush to get to work and need a coffee I would suggest not going to Starbucks.


Another place you can get a coffee is in Ridgewood Eada Europa Cafe, although their service wasn’t the best they were very friendly. They messed up my order but on the plus side it was very affordable. This coffee was the cheapest out of all the other cafes. Compared to the Bulldog it was 3 times cheaper.   The coffee was very watery and by the time the coffee arrived the ice was already partly melted and left the   coffee watered down. If you’re on a tight budget I would definitely recommend getting a quick and easy coffee here


The last coffee shop on the listis the Bulldog Cafe . With the great location by the train station their coffee on the other hand wasn’t the best. The flavor was terrible and the consistency was thick. This was a pretty bad cup of coffee.  The price was an outrage, it was 6 dollars for a cup of terrible tasting coffee. On the other hand their service was mediocre and they didn’t take too long to make my coffee considering how busy they always are. If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee before work or commuting onto the train I would suggest walking ten  more steps down the street to the local Dunkin.


The best coffee in Ridgewood is a very large debate but considering all that each coffee shop has to offer there’s no question which one was the best; the number one choice for the best coffee in Ridgewood. With their quick and professional service,you will have it in no time. When it comes to sit down and indulge in your coffee it won’t disappoint with the flavor either. Ridgewood has many coffee shops out there to save the trouble,time and money so that is why you should go down to the local Dunkin Donuts.