There Can Be No Expiration Date On Equality

Samantha Ponomarciuc, Staff Writer

In America, many women are faced with inequality and unfair rights due to their gender. Women have faced many problems with inequality such as the lack of women in high places of power, patriarchy, and the lack of access to equal opportunities. Although the government has put in and enforced many gender equality rights over the years, there are still many women who face people that think of them differently just because of their gender. A woman tried to post a picture of her and two male friends, and soon after many people told her to take it down because it was assumed that she had no values, and was hanging around boys all the time. In this situation, people decided to assume that she was with these boys for less than ethical reasons, but in reality they were all just good friends. 


One of the many problems with gender inequality today is the lack of women in high places of power. Part of being able to have gender equality is having people who can lead by example and show women that anything is possible, but most people in power at workplaces are men. This leads many people to believe that women are not intellectual or powerful enough to have a job in a higher position. In reality, it’s the people who determine that women are incapable of doing certain things that suppress equal opportunities for everyone.

 Having male superiority in workplaces has prevented many women from achieving goals that they should have been able to reach regardless of their gender. Gender inequality at work is something that has many laws against it, yet not much is done to enforce these laws. Most women are unable to speak up about it because they fear losing their jobs, while others have seen gender inequality as something that is simply a part of life. These stereotypes and assumptions must be changed in order for everyone to have the same opportunities regardless of their gender. 


Women have also faced patriarchy in politics. Many women are seen as incapable of having a government job just because of their gender, and women are faced with less job opportunities because of it. Women have been leaders in many different countries, such as India and the United Kingdom. In the US, women have tried to run for president several times, but nobody has been able to be elected as of right now. When Hillary Clinton was the 2016 democratic nominee, many people said that she was unfit to be president because she was a woman. This is an example of patriarchy because America is a society where men have always been presidents. Although this may be true, throughout 2020 and 2021 many more women have been elected to be a part of the house of representatives and other types of government officials. 


Women have also been suppressed because of their lack of rights to equal opportunities. Having a good education is always important when it comes to applying for a job, but many people still believe that women are unfit to work at certain places. Some women that have qualified for good jobs have lost that job to someone who is not as qualified, while others are simply told that they cannot work at that place. Although nobody can be assured that they will get the job they want later on in life, women have to face much more gender discrimination in order to get the job they want. Most workplaces are composed of many more males than females, and this is because women tend to be seen as unfit for the job. 


Although America has gotten very far in equal rights, many women still face unfair rights simply because of their gender. Women used to be confined to working at home and taking care of making food for their family, and now they have a larger variety of jobs that they can pick. There are still some jobs that are seen as a job that women are unfit for, but people must change their mentality. There are already many laws that prohibit gender inequality, but private businesses hold the right to turn down anyone for any jobs. There have been many improvements to women’s rights, but there is still more that must be changed before there will be a gender equal society everywhere.