Covid Impact on the Future of Ridgewood

Covid Impact on the  Future of Ridgewood

Covid-19: a virus that has infected more than 132 million people in the last few years. The world has gone through dramatic changes throughout the pandemic. Now, a vaccine is out and distributed around the world. People may think that this virus is over and that they will go back to normal times before the pandemic happened. Perhaps one day, the virus may finally stop spreading; however, many changes that the pandemic caused society and Ridgewood, more specifically, will remain permanent. After Covid-19 is over, Ridgewood will come out to be more comfortable, better, and safer than ever because of more use of online shopping and delivery services, better vaccines and healthcare, and a huge improvement in technology. 


Online Shopping and Delivery Services

Due to the virus, Ridgewood residents have been stuck at home since last year.  This has led people to rely on services that provide online shopping or delivery, such as Amazon, UberEats, and online clothes stores.  These are just a few of the examples, but many stores have made changes to their delivery methods due to the pandemic and lockdown.  During the first few months of the lockdown, people were scared to leave their own houses, so they used a service called UberEats, a popular food delivery company.  Online delivery services have allowed many restaurants to stay open and make food for customers who can’t go into restaurants. This type of online shopping may still be used after Covid-19 because people may use this service for getting their food easier and faster. Other examples of food delivery companies are  Postmates and Doordash. 

Clothing stores are another popular candidate for online shopping, as people like to switch out their wardrobe often. For example, if your clothing is out of date, meaning it’s too short and old. You may be thinking about getting brand new clothes because they are out of date, but during a pandemic it will be a challenge to find a store that is open due to the disease that might spread to others.  To move this obstacle people tend to keep on making bright ideas, one such as an online shopping system.  Many stores have added a “curbside pickup” option, where the person buying from the store will order the product online, and later pick it up outside of the store.  This isn’t exactly online shopping and delivery, but it still is considered ordering online. This online shopping can also have an effect even after Covid-19 because many people will order their goods through technology instead of going into a normal shop just to get their goods because of their convenience. People tend to be lazy. Instead of going into a shop, a person that is lazy could just order their goods and pick them up from any shop. All of this shows how much people’s shopping methods have changed over the last year, and this shopping method will likely continue long into the future of Ridgewood. 



One way Covid-19 has changed Ridgewood permanently can be seen in the improvement of Ridgewood’s healthcare. The production and creation of Covid-19 vaccines were much faster than the production of vaccines prior to the pandemic. This means that our technology has improved to the point where we are able to create a vaccine faster than ever before. This can make the future safer for Ridgewood because there can be other diseases that can do tremendous damage to humans in the future. However, the improvement in vaccine technology during the pandemic will likely continue into the future. In turn making a safer and faster vaccine.  Other than vaccines, our healthcare has also improved throughout the pandemic. There was quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease to others, and there was improved hygiene such as washing our hands and body, wearing masks to prevent the virus from spreading, and improving healthcare technology to help sick people. 

This improvement in vaccine technology and healthcare will likely continue even after the pandemic is over.  This will make us safer in the future events of the health crisis. We can replicate the rapid vaccination process in the future. With modern medicine, doctors have proven that they are able to release vaccines faster than imagined, and with this knowledge, we will be able to improve vaccines and healthcare. This will make the world a better place and a comfortable one very soon. 

Even though this pandemic isn’t over just yet, this trend will affect the village of Ridgewood because the improvement in medicine and the health system will keep Ridgewood residents safe and healthy. This could also help businesses in the future because if a business is still active during any health crisis, that might have an effect in the future this could also help Ridgewood’s economy. Better healthcare and vaccine technology will make Ridgewood businesses to be more confident because healthy customers will likely come into the local stores often. 

Business confidence will strengthen the economy of Ridgewood in the future. People come in and out of Ridgewood every day; it is important for the entirety to have good healthcare and hygiene to ensure their safety. No matter what happens in the future, we shall know that our healthcare and the production of vaccines will improve throughout the years.


Improved Technology

Alongside with many other things that will impact the people of Ridgewood after the pandemic, there will also be improved technology. Since the start of the pandemic, in order to stay home and stay safe, people have been working, going to school, and shopping. With most schools closed, and many people working from home, nearly everything is now done online which leaves little to no room for mistakes in any kind of online platform. 

Even the slightest mistake in a virtual meeting app, a food app, or a shopping app would leave millions of people unable to go on with their daily lives. This ultimately encourages app developers or people who work in important places like Zoom, Amazon, or Google to work twice as hard which overall improves the technology we use.

 Not only are there improvements in apps and browsers, but since everything is shifting towards virtual, people want the least amount of physical contact with other people. Many have been developing their own robots to do jobs that would otherwise be done by a person. This not only creates a safer environment, but causes a massive improvement in technology compared to other years. Overall improvement of technology could impact everyone, even Ridgewood residents, since it became a daily part of their lives. Improved technology could affect the future of Ridgewood for the better.


In conclusion, Covid-19 has changed our way of life forever. Many can say that technology has advanced over recent years due to the pandemic, and this trend is likely going to continue into the future. Many people might be wondering what will happen after Covid-19, will they go back to their way of life, and even have some possibilities that can affect the future? The future events are unknown, but many changes that happened due to the pandemic will continue on into the future of Ridgewood and beyond. As a result of the Covid-19 virus, Ridgewood will have advanced technology, better usage of online shopping/ordering, and even an advantage through our healthcare system. These are some ideas of what might happen in the future of Ridgewood, but the bigger question is will it happen?  We really can’t see what will happen next in the future. But, if you’re curious, you can always predict what will happen in the future.