Ms. Krasinski

Isabella Salerno, Staff Writer

At Ben Franklin, there are six social studies teachers, each with a unique teaching style. One of Ben Franklin’s Social Studies teachers is Ms. Krasinski. Ms. Krasinski teaches seventh grade social studies in the Ridge house at Ben Franklin. Going into her 8th year of teaching at BF, the Bolt felt it would be a good time to sit down and catch up with this teacher.


Q: Growing up, did you always want to be a teacher?

A: Growing up I did always want to be a teacher, but I wanted to be an elementary school teacher so I thought I wanted to work with younger students.

Q: What is the hardest part of teaching social studies?

A: The curriculum since it is a current events based curriculum I have to make sure I’m keeping up with everything that’s going on and adjusting each year to make sure I keep up with the news.

Q: If you were to try a different job, what do you think you would select?

A: I worked in catering before so I was a banquet captain of running private events like  weddings, I think I would enjoy being a banquet manager so running private events and private parties for groups.

Q: What is the best part of teaching? 

A: Watching the creativity of the students and having them get really engaged and really involved in what they’re learning.

Q: If you didn’t teach social studies, what other subject could you see yourself teaching?

A: I could see myself teaching english and helping students with the writing process since we do so much writing in social studies.

Q: What was the subject you struggled with the most in school?

A: Math and science were very challenging for me.

Q: When you are not teaching, what do you like to do in your free time?

A: It depends on the season, so in Winter I like to ski, in the Summer I like to go to the beach and I love to travel as well.

Q: What is the most difficult part of teaching?

A: I’d say the grading process because it is a lot, especially when you have 115 essays to get through.

Q: In (whatever subject they teach) if you have one, what is your least favorite topic or unit to go through?

A: This one’s hard because I really enjoy everything that I teach here because it is current events so I get to tailor and pick the subjects I’m most passionate about, so I don’t really have a least favorite, cause I get to choose what I wanna teach.

Q: What is your favorite topic to teach in your subject?

A: My favorite topic is economics, I love doing the budget project with students because they realize how expensive it is to live and it’s something that they can connect to the most.

Q: Over the course of the time you have worked here, what is something that you maybe have incorporated in class to change things up? 

A: A few things. Number one, I change the curriculum every year since it is current events I get to pick different topics that are more relevant and just how I look at grading, I like giving the students the opportunity to make corrections and learn through the process  

Ms. Krasinksi has been a wonderful teacher here for the past eight years. As time goes on, she continues to solidify her position as one of B.F’s veteran teachers. This interview gave the bolt an understanding of what being a teacher is like and some of the work that goes into their everyday job.