The Twists and Turns of Clinton Road

You walk by the road and into the woods where everything is quiet. You keep hearing things that sound like voices coming from every side. You lost the trail a mile back and you don’t know how far the forest stretches on either side. You thought it would be funny to come to Clinton Road, supposedly the “Most Haunted Road in America,” but you are starting to have second thoughts about continuing through with the dare… and are beginning to fear for your life.

Clinton Road is known for being one of the most haunted roads in the world… and its right here in New Jersey. Rumors have been piling up over the years about how strange occurrences happen on the road. Ghost trucks, peculiar creatures, and mysterious headlights are too much for drivers to ignore. As evidence piles up and questions go unanswered, people have begun to explore the road and its deeper and darker connections. One of our fellow journalists was even courageous enough to go get a firsthand experience of the road itself.

One of the theories for the reason that Clinton Road is so notorious is related to Richard Kuklinski. Kuklinski, known as the Iceman was an American hitman and murderer who is suspected of many killings. He was infamous for not being loyal to anybody, not even his own gangs. Kuklinski committed more crimes than just being a murderer; he also bought and sold stolen goods. He was known as a man of quick temper, who shot his business partners after a small brawl. 

He was a Hitman for the Mafia and plotted many conspiracies with organized crime groups. The reason for Clinton Road’s haunted features is likely because Kuklinski tried to freeze one of his victims and place it near Clinton Road, trying to cover up the date on which his victim had actually died to conceal the crime and baffle the police. Kuklinski apparently killed 100-250 victims. Other names for him were Big Rich and The Devil Himself.

Richard Cross constructed a castle near a reservoir next to Clinton Road. The castle was made for his wife and his children. A century after the construction of the castle, it caught on fire and a po

rtion of the castle was burned down. Some hikers and teenagers have decided to hang out and have parties there, and they have reported many strange incidents. Many visitors often report strange bruises on their body, having seizures, and randomly shifting in and out of consciousness. Officials have reported the site as “an attractive nuisance,” but have not gotten rid of it.

One of our fellow journalists, who would like to remain anonymous, went to Clinton Road and confirmed that some of peoples’ suspicions were true. According to him, the frightening emotions that he experienced while on the road were sensations he had, “never felt before” and that the weather was “extremely windy.” Although authors use personification often on trees to describe their branches as hands, our witness states that “Trees were clashing into each other… like bolts of lightning.” He also reported sighting of a “bunch of abandoned houses” and heard “a couple screams.” These facts are relatable to other people’s experiences. According to, the road “is not near much of anything.” There have allegedly been cannibals hiding in the darkness of night, but our witness is not able to confirm this.

Clinton Road certainly is an interesting place in New Jersey, and an exciting place for only the most adventurous people to explore. If you decide to go to Clinton Road, bring a cell phone, provisions, and a loyal friend. Although Clinton Road is one of the most suspicious roads in New Jersey and has even gained sufficient reputation to become the first on the list of the most haunted roads in the US, its mysteries remains unsolved, and constantly lures the most gullible of people, hoping to capture them in the road’s alleged traps.