Something Fishy

Mr. Wu, fish killer?



Behind the wooden doors of mild mannered Mr. Wu’s office, BF’s assistant principal, a hidden danger lurks in two fish tanks to those helpless animals that swim within.  This man, whose job it is to facilitate a helpful and safe environment for children, shirks his duties as a fish father. The tanks, now green with algae and filtering water through a non working filter, have caused the deaths of countless fish under Mr. Wu’s watch.

Why would this seemingly mild mannered assistant principal have such a vendetta against these poor, helpless creatures? The BF Bolt set out to find the true story behind the senseless murder of these fish.

When The Bolt first saw the fish tanks in question, one was covered in green slime and cloudy water. The second tank contained a dead fish that had been left in the tank for several hours. When questioned, Mr. Wu deflected the answers to  try and avoid persecution. When asked about keeping a dead fish among its living counterparts, Mr. Wu replied, “I thought it was still alive or maybe sleeping.” When pressed further, he began to crack and revealed that he didn’t have enough fish food and asked a fellow BF Staff member to procure some food for his fish. “I thought that fish may eat one another, a little cannibalism would be part of nature, ”Wu retorted.

Concerned students voiced their displeasure for the lack of hygiene contained within these tanks. Sources have told the Bolt, that this was not the first fish death that Mr. Wu had been implicit with. He lost several other goldfish and allowed those fish to suffer, swimming upside down and only righting themselves to eat. His blatant disregard for their welfare is concerning.

Mr. Wu seems more concerned with being frugal and not purchasing food or basic items for the fish. When the Bolt interviewed Mr. Wu for this story, we watched in horror as Mr. Ordini pulled a dead Glass Catfish from one of the filthy tanks with a pair of salad tongs since Mr. Wu cannot even provide the basic necessities for handling these fish.

Hopefully, this will expose the mad fish tyrant and cause him to reflect on his actions and make amends to the future generations that may inhabit his tanks. Those fish can only hope that the water changes are done more than once a year. The frightening part of this story is that Mr. Wu recently acquired a sixty gallon fish tank that may enslave and murder twice the amount of fish under his watch. Will the scales of justice be balanced? Stay tuned.