Teacher of the Week


Megan Dutt

Mr. Curcio right at home on stage.

Megan Dutt, Tyler Simwenyi, Jake Buchsbaum, and Ben Smilon

Teacher of the Week is a bi-weekly vote, with the intention of trying to show appreciation for all of the great teachers at BF. The concept was created when the BF Bolt realized that many teachers in the school don’t get enough recognition for the hard work they put into teaching. The BF Bolt decided that every other week, students would nominate a teacher who deserves more recognition. The BF Bolt collects votes from students of all grades to decide which teacher should win Teacher of the Week. This week The BF Bolt collected votes from sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students. All votes were counted anonymously.

The winner of the first BF Teacher of the week is… Mr. Curcio. The BF Bolt polled students with questions about Mr. Curcio. One student said, “I like Mr. Curcio’s sense of humor when he teaches a class. He makes the class very fun.” Another student said, “Honestly speaking, Mr. Curcio is a big inspiration for the band.” Finally, one other student said, “He makes the class very entertaining, you’d think band in the morning would be a bore, but it actually energizes you!”

Mr. Curcio, who is a band teacher of all grades in BFMS has been teaching for 18 years. He has been an inspiration to students who want to participate in playing an instrument. In college, he majored in the Alto Saxophone, but he has general knowledge on almost all the instruments. He typically plays the guitar for school plays. He was even playing the guitar in the most recent school play, “Newsies”. An activity he moderates after school is Jazz Machine. Jazz Machine is a band which you have to audition for. The Jazz Machine performs concerts for the school, they focus more on jazz style music. Each year students go into band and they come out as a better player thanks to the hard work by Mr. Curcio. Mr. Curcio contributes a lot of his time and effort into school activities, which makes him a big inspiration to others.

Recently, at the 8th grade spring concert, a few eighth graders came together and made a shirt for Mr. Curcio. The shirt on the front says ‘band ‘19’, and on the back it displays some quotes Mr. Curcio has said. This shirt was created to help immortalize the memories the eighth grade has with Mr. Curcio, also the shirt had the agenda of showing their appreciation to Mr. Curcio.

Mr. Curcio, a dedicated band teacher, is clearly is one of the most influential people at this school, which is proven by him winning Teacher of the Week. His hard work and effort have helped to inspire kids for 18 years. Every day, Band is fun and entertaining, but it also helps you to learn how to become a better player. Congratulations, Mr. Curcio and thank you for being such a great teacher.