That’s The Spirit

Jenna Benson and Katelyn Hagel

That’s The Spirit!

Spirit Night is right around the corner here at BF, taking place on Friday October 19, 2018 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. It’s a long lasting tradition that goes on every October and includes many fun events. Each year there is food, rides in the gym, stations around the school, and the famous haunted house.


One of the places to stop by on Spirit Night, is the cafeteria. Dinner and snacks such as pizza, candies, sodas, and cotton candy are for sale at the lunch lines for only a few dollars each. On top of that, there are spooky decorations all around the room and a DJ! This is a great place to go to for some food or to dance and hang out with friends.


Around the school, there are tons of fun stations that are good for stopping by when there is some down time. These stations always seem to attract the students and faculty/parents, especially the henna tattoo station. Some other stations include fortune tellers, caricature artists, face painters, and many more exciting events that everyone loves.


The gym transforms from a typical middle school gymnasium, into an awesome amusement park. BF student Maria Walsh said, “I like the obstacle courses where you can race your friends…” Everyone enjoys a fun challenge, such as the “Wipe Out” balls, obstacle courses where people can race against their friends to see who is really the fastest, slides always are a great addition, and the mechanical bull which was also a big hit last year.


The haunted house is one of the most iconic Spirit Night traditions that takes place annually on the stage in the auditorium. BF student Cameron McDonough said, “My favorite part of Spirit Night is the haunted house, because you get to be surprised but at the same time have a lot of fun!” Each year there are new themes and surprises in the house/maze that leaves everyone wondering what’s waiting around the corner. Some of the previous themes have been school and New York City with some surprises like creepy clowns chasing people down the halls. Over all, it’s impossible to expect what’s going on in the haunted house, but it never lets anyone down!


All of these attributes make an awesome experience for any BF student that attends. Tickets can be bought online at community pass for $23.00 until October 17th. It’s definitely not something to miss out on, so make sure to come enjoy Spirit Night at BF on Friday, October 19 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.