A New Take On An Old Favorite


Harry Linker, Perry Stanley

The authors enjoy some of Mike’s great Ice cream.

Perry Stanley and Harry Linker

Have you ever had ice cream made with chocolate from the South of France? Or how about fresh vanilla beans ? If you haven’t, did you know that you could get them from a place right in town, and even if you did you should give this place a try.  Ice cream by Mikes is an ice cream shop in Ridgewood with savory and unique flavors that will delight your taste buds. This small store in Ridgewood uses all natural whole ingredients from around the world. Ice cream by Mikes is located at, 305 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ.  

When Mike’s daughter Dylan was younger, she and Mike used to make homemade chocolate, which evolved into making ice cream. The ice cream became so popular that people started asking them to make it for their restaurants. The company was formed in 2014 and focused on making ice cream.  Ice cream by Mikes has over 50 Ice cream flavors, they have unique flavors like, peanut butter & jelly, nutella, basil lemon, as well as normal flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and cookies & cream their most popular flavor salted caramel. The ice cream tastes amazing. There are flavors like Basil ice cream which sounds strange, but tastes oddly refreshing.  The chocolate habanero was a mix of spicy and decadent chocolate . The cookies and cream had chunks of sandwich cookies inside and had a sweet taste. One of the best cookies and cream ever sampled. The consistency of ice cream that is served is not too soft and not to hard, it is right in between, which makes it even better. Not only do they have unique flavors of ice cream, but they also sell amazing hot dogs and great fries.  

You may be thinking, Where do Mike and his daughter get their ideas for ice cream?  Well, When we asked Mikes daughter she said that they get suggestions from people and sometimes use them, and other times they will just have ideas that pop into their heads. When making brand-new flavors or making suggested flavors, they try to use different ingredients people normally wouldn’t think of, and also, “ try to be as unconventional as possible.”

Ice cream by Mikes has been making Ice cream for about 7 years, and though Dylan says it took a lot of trial and error, testing things like, “how creamy the texture is and how consistency would go.” After all that trial and error they overcame their problems and started making the amazing ice cream that they make today.

Overall, Ice cream by Mike’s makes great ice cream, and is a great Ice cream place to go to, especially if you like to try new flavors. And if it goes well in Ridgewood, you may be seeing more of these store popping up in other places.  It is a great place that has amazing, unique flavors of ice cream with ingredients that are all natural. And, not only do they only sell ice cream they sell hot dogs and fries. If you want a place to go that has great ice cream, and food, Ice Cream by Mike’s is the place to go.  On a scale of 1-10, this place is definitely a 10.