Venom Has Some Bite


Kiara Tyler-Cooper and Abigail Saitta

Starting off with a bang, the movie Venom is sure to make you love it and beg for more. Starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, an investigative reporter who’s well-known for getting the full story, we see him interviewing Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed, the founder of the famous, or rather, infamous, Life Foundation. After the interview quickly goes downhill, Eddie and his girlfriend Anne Heying, played by Michelle Williams, are fired from their respective jobs. Furious at him, Anne leaves him and meets a surgeon by the name of Dave. When Eddie goes to investigate the LIFE foundation while there he meets Venom, an alien from a far-off asteroid, also known as a symbiote (as they merge with humans to live), merge together, thus giving Eddie powers beyond his wildest dreams.

With director Ruben Fleischer, it’s easy to expect something great from Venom. Having directed hits like Zombieland, which made $60.8M in box office,  and Gangster Squad, which made $46M, it’s no surprise that Venom did extraordinarily. Action-packed and fun, Venom is a thrill ride guaranteed to please most action, horror, and thriller fans.  Filled with hilarious moments, it is fast-paced yet well-written and will be sure to immerse everyone in the story. Viewers are able to feel the many emotions because of the stellar acting done by Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and many others. Eddie and Venom’s rocky start and cooperation/coordination is similar to that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the sense that they are a part of each other but are still two different beings.  Taking a look at the audience’s general rating of the movie, 89% of people loved the movie. This was reflected in the box office as, already, it has made $80M just in opening weekend. For the music-lovers, there is the amazing soundtrack, filled with electric guitar, drums, and synthesizer. Featuring Eminem with his song “Venom”, The Black Keys, and Gary Clark Jr, and the main soundtrack by Ludwig Göransson, it adds to the fun and speed of Venom. In conclusion, we strongly suggest you see the breathtaking movie that is Venom.