Outer Banks Season 3


Katie Rose, Staff Writer

At the end of season two, The Outer Banks crew 2 got stuck in the middle of the Caribbean for what they call “poguelandia”. The Pogues are the poor people and the Kooks are the wealthy people in OBX. The main characters are, Sarah, John B, JJ, Pope, Cleo, Kie, Ward, Topper, Rafe.  Outer banks has been a big series since 2019. Since then the production has made 3 season with 10 episodes in each season. 


In season 1, the Pogues find that John B’s dad was searching for the “royal merchant”. Since his dad died, they decide to take over and look for it themselves. There was 1.5 billion dollars worth of pure gold they wanted to find. After some rough obstacles they eventually found the ship. But the gold was not on the ship. It was in a house. While all this is happening, John B’s still wondering where his dad went.  (they didn’t know he died) 


In season 2, the Pogues are on the hunt to find the cross of Santo Domingo which belongs to Popes family. The Kooks are definitely a rough patch to try and get over to get where the Pogues want. 


In season 3,  they are on the hunt for the gold City, and for John B’s dad, Big John. They have to find ways over the obstacles while they are in Guadalupe and in the middle of the ocean. 


Episode 1 “Pougelandia”- the pogues were still stranded on Poguelandia (continuing from last season). Someone on a plane comes by and the pogues get his attention, he brings them to Guadeloupe until the plane crashes. JJ decides to take his wallet and his phone. Kie saves the pilot from the water but the so called “police” show up and take her away somewhere. When she arrives, Rafe is there to. All the pogues go on a hunt to find her…


Episode 2 “The Bells”- Singh’s men (the “police”) are on the hunt for the rest of the pogues. If the pogues don’t go to him and give him what he wants, he will kill them all including Kie. But since JJ has Jimmy’s phone (the pilot), he texts Carlos Signh pretending to be Jimmy, not knowing Jimmy is dead. JJ messages Singh saying that he has captured John B and Sarah. Singh plays along but tracks the phone and finds the pogues location. JJ puts on a boobytrap to capture the soldiers trying to take them away from each other. There able to fight off the soldiers and escape. When John B leaves, he hears bells ringing from the abandoned church. As we know, John B’s dad, Big John would call him in from the boats using bells. “But I thought he was dead?” yes, he might be hearing things but we’re not sure yet. Meanwhile, Rafe and Kie are trying to escape the room that there put in. They are able to escape and Rafe thinks hes friends with Kie and gives them a boat to leave Guadeloupe. They get on the boat but Kie pushes Rafe into the water and leaves without him intent to find the other pogues. Kie messages them to meet down by the docks and they reunite again. John B is still hearing these bells and needs to go find out if it’s his dad (the bells are ringing in the same pattern as Big John did to John B as a kid). Sarah tells him to go. Carlos Singh’s men show up at the harbor and try to capture the pogues. Despite a whole bunch of bullets fired in their direction, they manage to get away.

As for John B, he shows up at the church unaware of everything that’s happened, praying that the bells are a sign of his father still alive.

Episode 3 “Fathers and Sons”- When John B arrives to the church, he recognizes his dad and they have a emotional reunion. But after all that, they see Signh’s men outside with guns and have to escape. They make it out alive, but when the get back to the docks to leave, the boat isn’t there and left without them. Signh seeing John B and Big John have nowhere to go, he makes a plan to capture them. 

Episode 4 “The Diary”- They all eventually make it back to OBX and they have another reunion. Big John is after Denmark Tanny’s diary but he sees that it gets ruined by water (the copy has been destroyed). There search brings them to Mr. Sunn’s place (John B’s old teacher) they see he’s not home but still goes in anyway. When they walk in, they see a couple of smugglers and they manage to take off with the diary, getting the jump on John B and his dad in the process. Mr Sunn is inside tied up but alive. As John B and Big John start leaving, they start getting chased by the smugglers until they realize that they are Singh’s men. Unfortunately, the men have an idea and intend to shoot John B and his dad to take them to Singh. Big John catches on and realizes what there trying to do so he takes there guns and shoots them dead. 

Episode 5 “Heists”- Big John and John B are now looking for Trinity church to look through boxes and archives. John B now finds the other part of the statue they’re after, wrapped in a cloth. Meanwhile, Sarah convinces Topper to get his dad’s truck and to help out the pogues. With everything they need, they go to the railroad and they find the cart that is supposed to be holding the cross. Kie and JJ work to try and change the current on the tracks, making the signal turn red and stopping the train at a standstill. When the police question Pope and Cleo they make up a story and how madly in love they are. The police finally leave and they get the box out that says “cameron” which is the cross. Until the police realize its a robbery and a big chase happens. JJ distracts the police on his motorcycle but then he flips over the road… 

Episode 6 “The Dark Forest”- we find out that Rafe has melted the cross. Singh needs a translator in order to find the treasure. He’s the only one alive able to translate this statue, given he just killed the other person. As a result, Big John is taken away and to the boat with Singh, while John B is left at gunpoint and facing certain death. He is able to escape by throwing sand at his eyes. Meanwhile Sarah finds Topper and hangs out with him. One thing leads to another and she wakes up the next morning and realizes she cheated on John B. When John B gets back home John B admits everything to JJ. He is not happy that John has kept this from everyone (Big John killing the guy that was about to kill John B). 

Episode 7 “Happy Anniversary”- Wheezie happens to be Rafe who’s down by the docks and meets Sarah alone. He admits everything is his fault and he’s trying to live his life a different way. Ward drops off a key for the condo along with some money, admitting he knows she won’t forgive him but he’s sorry and leaves. JJ and John B go to see someone and he draws a map that will help them later on. He instructs them to find a guide called Jose. He’ll take them up to El Tesoro where they’ll find the site in question. Before they go, John B meets up with Sarah and tells her hes sorry and how much hes messed up. Sarah admits that she cheated on him with Topper, and John B calls the relationship off. Meanwhile, JJ was trying to get Kie to join them on there adventure, but he failed to do so. Before John B leaves, he sees Sarah and Topper together and John B runs over there confronting him angrily. John B then beats him endlessly until they get broken apart. Pope and Cleo work together and open the letter. Within this happens to be a handwritten letter about the Royal Merchant, a city of gold and the treasure. However, there’s also a whole bunch of symbols and seemingly the key they need to track down the exact location.

Episode 8 “Tapping the Rudder”- Police show up at JBs house but JJ and him hide until he leaves not knowing the police placed a tracker on his car. Meanwhile, Rafe holds his father up at gunpoint, who’s convinced that he won’t shoot. Although Rafe does fire, he doesn’t aim at his dad, instead pointing away before eventually leaving. Naturally, Rafe decides to approach Barry, asking him for help in doing what he couldn’t do himself. Sarah goes over to toppers house and hes deciding to press charges against JB, but he wants Sarah to testify on his behalf against John B. She agrees to do so. John B follows JJ’s lead in getting a trip to South America. Unfortunately, it involves drugs with driving them to a house. He’s there to arrest John B because apparently the assault on Topper. He also found the truck full of the drugs. Pope and Cleo show up too see Kie with the letter from Tanny and its potential links to El Dorado. All those glyphs drawn out are the same ones from the statue and it would seem that it’s all connected. While they work to figure this, Sarah speaks to Topper and encourages him to drop the charges and wait.  Sarah promises she’ll stay with him too and not leave


Episode 9 “Welcome to Kitty Hawk”- Remember the busted U-Haul drug truck last episode? Well, Mike shows up to see JJ, unhappy with him messing up the plans and desperate for revenge. JJ flees on foot, taking one last look at the house before heading into the woods. Kie rehearses a speech to her parents but unfortunately, she’s instead carted away by reps from the wilderness camp, Kitty Hawk. Kie is not happy but she’s helpless. JJ realizes there’s something up and asks John B for an extra hour to hold up until he rescues her. On his way, he gets a flat tire and gets out of the car and sees that Mike, Kies dad shot out his tire and holds him at gunpoint. JJ is able to get out of the situation. When he arrives to Kitty Hawk, he comes up with a story that Kies cat, Marley, has passed away. The worker has a soft heart and decides to go and tell her that the “cat” has died and she can go into a separate cabin to take some time. JJ finds out where Kie is being held. Meanwhile Ward is on a dock getting something and a kayaker notices that Ward is in fact, alive. Realizing they need to go, Rafe takes his father on the back of his bike and scrambles for the airstrip. News spreads quickly and Ward Cameron still being alive is big news. Rafe drives to the airport where he asks Sarah and the others for help with Ward. Time is up for JJ and Kie though, and John B messages to let them know they’re leaving. JJ finally finds Kie and confesses his love for her. They run out of the cabin to find Mike, who’s waiting for them with a plane of their own, given they’re going down to South America. Down in Venezuela, along the Tres Rocas, Singh speaks to Big John about their journey and how it’s destined for him to find. Big John has two days before the full moon to prove his worth, and time is running out.


Episode 10 “Secret of the Gnomon”- Big John, he’s desperately translating but he’s only got a few hours to prove his worth to an increasingly impatient Carlos Singh. In that time, John B and the others touch down at the airport but Sarah refuses to let her dad be part of their grand adventure. They need to try and find their river guide, Jose. As they begin asking around at the bars, they overhear a commotion upstairs which happens to be Big John. As fireworks are set off inside the house, it’s enough of a distraction for Big John to get the jump on his captors. After being reunited, they flee through the streets and are forced to escape from Singh and his goons. When they finally catch a break, Big John looks over the documents that Pope has found and realizes they’re legit, that could be their ticket to unlocking the treasure. The group make their way to El Tesoro. Ward decides to hang out in the boat. However, the night before he was messing about with ringing someone in secret and turning on the navigation on his phone. Sarah, Big John and John B manage to hike up to the top of a large hill, there’s also the four columns in the distance, which is precisely where they’re aiming to go. Well, when they get there they notice a pedestal where they need to input the statue. They do just that, and given they do it right as the full moon is about to come out, they’re just in time. The glyphs begin marking one by one, allowing them to decipher a message about the wealth of the earth, darkness, seeker and patience. All these different glyphs are showing the location to El Dorado. Big John refuses to reveal what the message says, until Signh and his men show up.  It turns out this was Ward’s idea. He’s made a deal with Carlos Singh to let himself and Sarah go safe and sound while Singh gets the treasure of El Dorado in return. Big John refuses to let it go. A gunfight does break out, with Sarah turning on her father and refusing to follow him. It looks like a dead-end but Big John is convinced they’re onto something here. And that something is inside the water. Once there, and finally alone, Big John reveals what that final part of the message was from before. “The true and patient seeker needs not light to see.” Big John stays behind, given he’s been shot, as Sarah and John B grab some flares and dive underwater. Big John’s trail of blood is enough for Singh to track them down. As he closes in on their location, John B and Sarah track down another clue, this time by shutting off the flares and watching as a hole in the cave opens up. SPOILER!!!!!!John B and Sarah find the treasure of El Dorado after all and marvel at the sight of all that gold. When John B and Sarah return with their treasure, Singh is there waiting for them. Big John makes the decision to let go of the treasure and give it to Singh. The explosion causes a cave in, trapping Singh but miraculously saving Sarah, Big John and John B, who make it out in one piece without a scratch. Ward suddenly arrives though and holds a gun up at them. Sarah talks him down but out of the woods steps Ryan, the man working for Singh. Ward sacrifices himself to save the others launching off a cliff and crashing to the ground below, taking Ryan with him and taking several bullets to the gut for good measure. Big John eventually bleeds out, and passes away when telling John B that he’s the best son he could ever have. Then, forward 18 months later as Pogues and Kooks join together in celebration as they close the chapter and solve the El Dorado mystery. A suited man happens to be there looking over the collection though, and he takes them aside. He’s found a manuscript and needs partners to help him translate and uncover the big mystery.


I have enjoyed the 2 other seasons which were very intriguing and entertaining. Meanwhile, this season was not as good. There was so much going on at once, but the ending was good. The Pogues are very adventurous and have so much passion for what they want to accomplish. Since the Kooks have something against the Pogues for “going over to there land,” a lot has to unfold since the Pogues love going over there and messing around with them, causing trouble. 


The acting has definitely improved from the last 2 seasons. They got more into the plot as the show has progressed. But since Sarah and John B broke up in real life, there acting is a little off since it might be awkward for them. Sarah and John B definitely don’t have chemistry anymore that could engage you into the show. But since they are professionals, they do there job pretty well. 

Sarah is really good at fake crying and expressing her feelings well. She goes from being a kook and being stuck in “bubble wrap” to becoming a pogue and ruining her life (it seems like). She is always running around and getting into trouble with the other pogues. 

Rafe gets into his character and puts a lot of effort into it. He has to emphasize the character of a drug addict and someone who wants everything to be his. He has a very intimidating and controlling character towards the others. 

John B is the main character in the 3 seasons that everyone else is revolved around. He has to emphasize the life of a homeless 16 year old who has to find his way around difficult obstacles that challenge him and his friends. In season 3, he tries to find his dad after he found out he’s not actually dead like he thought. 

Pope is very good at connecting with the other characters and expressing how he’s feeling in the show. He has found out that some of the kooks had one of his families belongings (the golden cross). Unfortunately, Rafe has melted it after all the trouble and hard work that they all went through.

Kie has went through some issues with Sarah (that was not put into the show) when she used to be a kook as a child until she found her friends and who she was. Her parents on the other hand hate the trouble shes gotten into and whos she become. So, they decide to send her to a wilderness camp where they think shes going to get “better”. 

JJ has came from a very bad childhood with an abusive dad and his mom left them at a very young age. He has to provide for himself to keep himself alive. He would do anything and everything for his friends if he could. 

Cleo has just joined the Pogue group in the ending of season 2-3 so we don’t know that much about her. But, she did come from the caribbean and escaped from her “team” to join the Pogues.