Out of the “Ordini”ary

Kayla Delmonaco and Bella Fernand

Row of desks, empty whiteboard, cabinets full of pencils and books, silent classroom, and NO MUSIC. This is an everyday classroom at Benjamin Franklin Middle School. But one classroom is not like the others. Whiteboard full of drawings, cabinets full of unordinary objects, stuffed animals, and music whenever you want. Mr. Ordini and his fun yet weird classroom of BF has collected many wacky items through his 22 years of teaching because it simply adds a “Unique” twist as he states himself. “He’s Creative” as Mrs. Brophy states, “surprising”, “exotic”, and “different” says the 8th grade students. What really makes him this way is his unforgettable classroom.

Kayla Delmonaco and Bella Fernand


Over 500 ducks have been accumulated over just 8 years! Every duck has its own spot in the room whether it is in a cabinet or hanging from the ceiling. Each duck has its own story of how it came to be a big part of Mr. Ordini’s classroom and his life. Sam Pettigrew was the first one to donate a duck. This legacy all started on April 3 2017 and this tradition has kept going on over the years. Throughout the years, so many ducks have been brought to this classroom that it resulted in having to hang them from the ceiling, and being stored in cabinets and closets, and yet just one duck has been brought in by Mr. Ordini.  


Most teachers and students are not only familiar with this extraordinary classroom, but also with the extraordinary teacher. Even though there are many things to be said about Mr. Ordini and his classroom, everyone has something to say. To get a better understanding of the classroom, we interviewed some of his colleagues. Most teachers had no idea how many ducks Mr. Ordini had and others didn’t even know he collected ducks. We had them take a guess on how many ducks they said which answers varied from 20-400. The teachers were then astonished when we told them that he had 509. 

Not only does he have a wide variety of ducks, but he has a room full of chaotic items. Such items include, giant corn, hanging animals, a rubber band ball that weighs over 24 pounds, a gum wrapper wall, mini to giant stuffed animals, posters and pictures from all different timelines, a lucky buddha that students rub for good luck, giant cheez-it boxes, and more! All of these items started from just one student with an idea, and became an incredible part of the BF community’s life. 


What makes this room special is not the crazy elements, but the fact that each student or member of BF has the chance to contribute and make an impact or difference that will be there for years to come. Even though this hasn’t been his classroom for all 8 years, “it started small and has grown” but he’d like to stay in this classroom and not move anymore. The creative content of the room also plays a part in the everyday classroom rules. But, being a student in room 204 means following the rules- even if it’s crazy. For example, have you forgotten your chromebook? Leave a shoe in exchange for a loaner! Chewing gum? You have to give a piece to Mr. Ordini if he asks but he doesn’t have to give you one. There doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason for everything, but it gives you a view of “just going with the flow”.


Now the question is, why? Why would he let a normal classroom become crammed with everyday items? But that’s exactly it. It’s not a normal classroom because everywhere you look there is something out of the ordinary. Mrs. Wearly claims, “I think he chose things that he enjoys to see and to be around so he created an atmosphere for the students to also feel that way too”, Mrs. Brophy states, “because he cares about the children”  He could have done it for the students, or simply for himself but either way it is an engaging environment for everyone to come and see.

Kayla Delmonaco and Bella Fernand


The real reason, which Mr. Ordini states, “I think my classroom is like this because I want it to be an extension to my students and … my kids and for them to feel comfortable and represented when they come into my room, so anything and everything that is in here is an extension of the students that I teach.” It is always something that brings a smile to your face, or makes you wonder about something but whether or not you like the classroom, it’s a room that you can never forget. A class that you don’t dread everyday as soon as you walk in is something very rare but Mr. Ordini makes it work.


This exotic piece of art has no limits, but only encourages peers to have the same sense of creativity and positive commitment. The room gives off good vibes and a sort of a relief of the stressful school feeling. You never know what will come next and whether or not it’ll be something that sticks to the classroom for another 8 years. So next time you see the classroom, think about paying a visit to the ducks.