Starbucks Secret Menu

Have you ever wished for more options on the already big Starbucks menu? The Starbucks secret menu was created by fans of the company who wanted a change of flavor. Since the start of the secret menu, people have become more creative and have come up with many different drinks so that anyone can find their drink of choice. 

We tried three different drinks with very different tastes from the Starbucks in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The first drink we tasted was the Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino. We got very excited to try this one simply because of its familiar name. The base for this drink was a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino which then we added two pumps of mocha sauce, one pump of hazelnut syrup topped off with hazelnut drizzle. The pumps will vary based on size, but we got a Grande. The Grande turned out to be $5.25. Our first impression of this drink was that it had a strong, overpowering chocolate flavor and could’ve used more hazelnut to balance out the amount of chocolate. We thought that the name didn’t really match the drink, as it seemed to taste mostly of chocolate. We all agreed that Nutella would have suited this drink better.




The second drink, which was a drink we’d already encountered on Tiktok before, was the Purple Drink. If you don’t know this drink by its name then you probably know its sister drink: the Pink Drink. Similar to the Purple Drink, the Pink Drink was once on the Secret Menu but it got placed on the actual Starbucks Menu after an influencer made it popular. For us, the Purple Drink tasted like a watered down Jasmine perfume.  It consisted of Passion Iced Tea, vanilla syrup, soy milk and berries. This drink ended up to a total of $4.74. For a grande, it’s a bit on the pricey side. The additional toppings such as vanilla syrup, soy milk and the berries added at least a dollar to the overall price. As for its taste, it’s safe to say that the soy milk was the star of the show, unfortunately. It was bitter and the ratio of soy milk to tea did not blend well together. We did not taste the vanilla syrup, and overall we did not enjoy the drink.


The final drink was a drink we all have never heard of before. The three of us were excited to taste it because it was a type of drink we all enjoy, a refresher. It had the colorful look and the fruity flavor that makes the refresher even better. The drink was made with a base of a mango dragon fruit refresher with lemonade and no berries. Then, added on was peach and passion tea. The total price of this drink came to $6.66. When we first tasted the drink, it gave us the impression of the Strawberry Acai Refresher from the actual Starbucks menu. The drink had a very tart, sour flavor but was very fruity and fun. This drink is recommended for those who want a twist on the Strawberry Acai Refresher.


Due to the intricate orders in the secret menu we decided to interview a Ridgewood Starbucks Barista, Abdul. We asked him whether or not making these secret menu drinks was tedious. He told us that making the drinks isn’t as hard as most people make it out to be. Sometimes it can be annoying, especially when people add a ton of extra items. He also explained to us that the secret menu wasn’t something Starbucks official but was something that almost everyone who regularly goes to Starbucks knows about. 

Overall, these drinks were fun to look at and taste. We even sometimes get the Sunset drink in our free time aside from this class because it’s so good. The secret menu mixes creativity with something that people of all ages enjoy. Even so, most secret menu drinks are on the costly side because of the additional toppings. At the end of the day however, we recommend you try the secret menu drinks at least once in your life because it is something that might help you find your perfect drink, or to add some spice to your starbucks order!