Best Milkshakes Right Around the Corner

Milkshakes are an American staple. They have been around since 1922 and have been on the rise ever since, but which place in Ridgewood has the best milkshakes? BF Bolt looked at 4 places, Mr.Moos Ice Cream Cafe, East Coast Burger, Haagen Daz, and Ice Cream by Mike to find the best milkshakes in Ridgewood. To make it random, the Bolt asked the cashier or waiter their favorite flavor and ordered it, making the flavor completely random and giving the best each place has to offer.

The first place the Bolt hit was Mr.Moos Ice Cream Cafe, The choice from the worker was vanilla,  so The Bolt ordered a medium vanilla milkshake. The milkshakes took almost under a minute to make. Getting the milkshake in our hands, it was apparent why it was made so quickly. The taste tester thought it was just a cup of milk for a second. The texture was mostly liquid that was a bit frothy, It felt and tasted mostly like milk with a hint of vanilla. Having had their ice cream before, the team was pretty disappointed with this milkshake. Feeling disappointed and defeated, the Bolt headed off to the next place, hoping to get the bad taste out of our mouths, feeling like our $6 had gone to waste.


Next, was  East Coast Burger. The taste tester had milkshakes here and has enjoyed it so everyone had high hopes for this place. The Bolt asked the person at the counter and they got excited and said S’mores was the best choice. The wait took a while but it wasn’t too long. They didn’t have any size options, so if that puts you off, be aware.The texture was smooth and nice, with black bits of chocolate that the Bolt will report about later. It was a good quality milkshake as well, you can tell they knew what they were doing. It really tasted like vanilla and marshmallow, with the black bits of chocolate making it taste smoky and chocolaty. It wasn’t what the team expected, but in a good way. For $6, you are really getting your money’s worth. Feeling satisfied, The Bolt left to go to the next location to continue our journey.


This time, The Bolt went to Haagan Daz and the waiter took a while to answer but ended up landing on Cookies and Cream. This one cost one dollar more than usual, at $7 It didn’t take long but it was slower than Mr. Moos Ice Cream Cafe. This place had size options, yet their medium was bigger than Mr.Moo’s medium. The taster took a sip and the first thing they thought was, “Where’s the flavor?” The texture was smooth but a little liquidy. It seemed like good quality yet everyone was still disappointed. It tasted ok in our opinion, just tasted like nothing with a tiny hint of vanilla. The team was disappointed but stayed positive. Taking a deep breath, The team left and headed off to the next place to review.


For the last place, the team went to Ice Cream by Mike. To be honest, the Bolt was a little scared of this place. Someone on the team had their ice cream before and wasn’t a fan. The Bolt asked the person at the front desk what their favorite pick here was and he said he never had the milkshakes before. The team was a little frightened but someone in the back said, “Go for the strawberry!” That’s just what the Bolt did. The service was great, and the people were nice. It took about the same time to make as it did at East Coast Burger and Haagen Daz. This one had multiple sizes and was about the same size as East Coast Burger. This is the most expensive milkshake on our list, coming out as $8 instead of the usual $6 at other places. The taster took a deep breath and took a sip. They were pleasantly surprised. The texture was nice, but a bit creamy and felt the occasional seed or 2. It seemed nice quality to me as well. This milkshake was organic and tasted just like real strawberries. It wasn’t very strong but still tasted like strawberries. 


With  full stomachs, the team had finally formed their opinion. The winner is…East Coast Burger! It had the best texture and taste, as well as being on the cheaper side. It probably had the longest wait, but it was definitely worth it. That doesn’t mean the others were bad. Mr.Moos had the fastest making time, Haagen Daz had the most amount of customization, and Ice Cream by MIke was the healthiest and had great service. The final conclusion is if you want good milkshakes and are willing to wait a few minutes, go for East Coast Burger and enjoy the best milkshakes in Ridgewood.