Review: Battlefield 2042

Brian Monahan

The game Battlefield 2042 can be summed up in one word, Underdeveloped. 

The series Battlefield started off in September 2002 with the release of Battlefield 1942 and it was a huge success, it was able to sell over 3 million copies by 2004. The games developers DICE and the publishers EA made over 25 million dollars in profits.

 Spanning from this title many games were born such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 4. From these games we arrive at Battlefield 2042, a bit of a trainwreck. On October 5th 2021 Battlefield 2042 Beta was released, people had a lot of fun  with the Beta but noted the concerning problems. There was a lot of server lag and rubberbanding, along with this sometimes player models would spaz out and planes and vehicles would start flying in all directions. 

However the gunplay was rated as fun, especially being able to change weapon attachments on the fly. People also noted the awesomeness of some of the gadgets that would allow you to grapple to higher places and even see enemies through cover. The game, on the 6th of November, had all 22 weapons of the game leaked to the public, this was before launch. While this is a large amount of weapons, the fanbase was beginning to become concerned about the quality of the game. 

In the following day people began to highly anticipate the game or sweat over the amount of money they had put into it for it to maybe be a huge disappointment. But their fears would be over or accelerated because finally, on November 19th 2021, Battlefield 2042 was officially released.

In the coming days the fanbase was split between the two groups, the haters that despised the game and wanted their money back, then there was the loyal fanbase that loved the game. Some people have not seen the facts of the game so this article will go over all aspects of the game and give a review on each aspect of the game so that the reader (you) may form a comprehensive opinion  



Battlefield takes place after the story of battlefield 4. With rising oceans and strained economics the world is thrown into a terrible situation. The EU has collapsed and so have many other nations, this resulted in the refugees traveling the world (they are called No-Pats) and finally when a Kessler syndrome event occurs and 70% of the world’s satellites are knocked out. As tensions rise between Russia and the United States the world is thrown into another war occuring in 2048. Hence the name Battlefield 2048. 


Playability: 7/10

The quality of the gameplay highly depends on what server you’re playing on. It can range from terrible to smooth as butter the whole game. It also will depend on how good your internet is. Mostly the game runs smoothly but every now and then the game continuously lags and prevents anyone from playing the game properly 


Availability: 9/10

Battlefield 2042 is available on PC, X Box, and Playstation, but is not available on macOS. It costs around 60$ and can be bought from Steam and on a separate site for PC, it can also be bought on the Microsoft store and the Playstation store for XBox One, XBox series X, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.


Maps: 8/10 

Battlefield 2042 contains 7 different maps (excluding portal), each is huge and destructible. The maps contain large structures for sniping and narrow corners for machine gun camping. One of these maps is the largest in Battlefield history, this is Breakaway, while this map is hard to play on as you can’t select servers and play on one with this map. It sure is fun once you get to play on it. It features an ice base, massive ice ravens, a storage facility, and a massive oil rig. Overall the maps in Battlefield 2042 are impressive and amazing to get to play on, especially with their amount of detail  


Graphics: 7.5/10

The graphics in Battlefield 2042 are not something to be amazed with, but are still impressive, the game on its max setting looks very good compared to some of the other large titles released this year. It has good lighting and a very nice attention to detail. The textures are amazing considering the size of the maps, and the destructible environment really pulls the game together, but with the amazing detail in games such as Escape From Tarkov, DCS, and Teardown, Battlefield comes close to the detail, but still not there. Overall, for the time spent on the game the graphics are something quite impressive 


Weapons: 8.5/10

The weapons in Battlefield 2042 are very interesting in the sense that their attachments can be customized on the fly meaning that each gun can be used for all situations even while on the fly. There in total are seven classes of weapons, these include three sidearms, four SMGs, four ARs, two LMGs, 3 DMRs, 3 sniper rifles, and 3 miscellaneous weapons. While this is an impressive collection, it is nothing compared to the weapons in past games such as Battlefield 4, 3, Bad Company, and Hardline. Many people were disappointed with the amount of weapons but considering the amount of attachments, people should be able to enjoy the weapon customization for a long time.


Finally we must also go over the changes in this game from past titles. Battlefield 2042 is the first Battlefield game to partially remaster the paste ones along with the first Battlefield game to introduce customization on the fly mechanics, but most importantly Battlefield 2042 is the first Battlefield game to have specialists in place of classes. With this we wrap up the review, in total this game scores a 8/10, and Battlefield is great for anyone interested in the battlefield series or a large map and lots action kind of game.