Easing The Transition To High School


Abrorjon Abdumuminov, Staff Writer

Going into high school will be challenging, but there are ways to avoid stress and having anxiety. When someone is under stress in high school, they can start to talk to others to motivate them and give them advice. If that doesn’t work out, maybe they can listen to music, calm down and take deep breaths, and overall think positively about how they can improve their day to day lives in the high school year. After all the stress goes away, you can think more of improving in high school. At the end of reading this article, you will learn all the shortcuts to being ahead of everyone in the start of high school.

Keeping things organized such as your course schedule and daily activities on a daily planner will help you manage your time. Researching daily activities before the start of school will improve your time management skills because it will help you get ahead of your day. Also, think about the most important things first so you can focus on one thing. This should all be done before school starts which means that you have to take advantage of summer and gather all the necessary information for high school. In summary, time management skills are key to helping you succeed in the first years of high school.

Taking advantage of the summer will also be a big helping hand because it can give you time to take some learning opportunities. Asking high schoolers for advice can also benefit you significantly because they may tell you on how to succeed in certain classes . Taking a summer course can also make transitions a little easier. High school will be very challenging for you so don’t expect that you’re going to breeze through it easily. Always be prepared for hardships in order to avoid all nighters to finish an essay or study for a test.

Finally, you always have to have a support system and someone to talk to. Finding someone comfortable to be guided by will help you go in the right direction. In order to do this you also have to know that the person is giving you the advice you need. A support system can help you when you need a shoulder to cry on or just a piece of advice when you need it. Overall, I think that this is very useful and important, especially for freshmen.

The transition into high school won’t be so complicated if you follow these three steps. All you need to do is keep things organized neat and tidy, take summer classes to improve your knowledge, and finally have a support system to help you along the way. After 9th grade, everything should come easy because of how much experience you have throughout the year. Communicating with your friends and teachers might also help you out because they might know a thing or two about high school and all the ways you can take a shortcut in high school. To summarize, these are all the tips and tricks to succeeding in high school.