Emmet O'Malley, Staff Writer

Warframe is a  game that takes place in the distant future. The main character is you a ninja who is called the Tenno whose conscious is stored in a suit of armour warframe. This armour gives you incredible abilities.

The story begins when  your warframe wakes up out of their cryo pod by the Lotus, to war against the Grineer and the Corpus. The grineer commander Captain Vor is trying to force you to fight for his queens. The warframes you can choose from are Volt, Excalibur, and Mag. That isn’t all of them there are fifty two in total as of the plains of Eidolon update (the newest update/still in dev for PS4 and X-Box-1) some of these include Frost, Chroma, Nyx, and Nidus. There aren’t any other games quite like this.

Warframe is for all platforms PC, PS4 and X Box1. It has a rating of 9/10 on Steam and a 4/5 on Microsoft. Graphics are not the best but the are pretty good and they are high quality. It has a lot of unique gameplay mechanics. One of them is a parkour aspect. With that you have a wall run, knee slide, double jump, and leap.  

Warframe has online multiplayer pvp. Single player mission, multiplayer missions. It has it all in terms of playing by yourself or with friends it also has clans which are groups of players. It fits in with the genre of 3rd person shooter. Other games in this genre are dark sector which was basically supposed to be warframe but most of the warframe elements were scrapped and put into what we know now as warframe. It gets update more often than not, it makes me feel like the des are putting the heart and soul into the game. Every update makes the game that much better. There is no DlC because all of the updates are free.