The Earthquake Which Shook the World


It’s been about two months since the devastating earthquake disasters in Turkey and Syria, killing over 51,968 people, unfortunately as the rubble is uncovered the death toll grows by the day. The earthquake has caused a massive rise in the homeless population in both countries, leaving approximately 1.5 million people without food,  water and a place to live. The Earthquake occurred when the Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates collided in a devastating clash, logging in at a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that caused massive devastation. 

 Unfortunately, Turkey and Syria aren’t the only countries that have been affected by this disaster. Despite being the only nations to be physically shaken the repercussions have been felt around the world including some of BF’s own students. Several Benjamin Franklin students have family and friends that are currently living in poverty  and are in need of basic necessities due to these unfortunate events. To gain better insight on the situation we interviewed two students with relatives or friends living in Turkey and Syria. 

The first person we Interviewed was Zeynep Saglik. Zeynep is an 8th grade Ridge student of Turkish descent with both family and friends currently living in Syria. When being asked about how we can help the people in Turkey and Syria, she answered, “You can donate money, supplies, clothes to donations. You can donate hygiene supplies for kids that you have, but they have to be new.”

Scarlett Kabak, a 7th grade Franklin BFMS student, with family currently living in Syria answered, “I know that the towns are destroyed. And even some towns were more affected than others, but the situation has affected the people mentally with the trauma they have from the event. I think some areas were affected more by losing loved ones then physical destruction.”

Despite everyone around the world being affected by this atrocity none have gotten it worse than the people in Turkey and Syria. In the blink of an eye an estimated 20 million peoples lives were turned upside down, thousands killed and millions turned homeless. But in the darkness of tragedy humanity shines through. Over the past month an estimated 7500 charity workers  have been deployed to help the homeless to provide basic necessities to the people of Turkey and Syria. 

Which leaves BF as a whole asking themselves how can we help? BFMS has run 3 successful drives to get school supplies and money to the  people affected by this horrific disaster. Not only that, but there are several more in the works.DUring our Spirit Week, students will be providing hand written letters to students in Turkey and Syria. This effort was organized through Student Council and Mrs. Ozcan to provide the kids with a message of hope that they were not alone. The hand written notes and small treats provided will hopefully buoy the spirits of those younger children affected by this tragedy. BF is an outlet for the students and staff of our great school to make a difference and help those in need, so seize the opportunity.