Why Seasonal Schooling is a Bad Idea.

Gabriella Carapetyan and Ben Harris

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How many times do you wake up in the morning for school, and just feel totally aggravated that you have to be up this early? This isn’t fair, you complain, I need more sleep, you say. Why can’t school be adjusted according to MY schedule? Then, it hits you. Seasonal schooling! It sounds perfect, you think. Why didn’t I think of this earlier, you ponder. A schedule that changes based on the season, supposedly to make things easier for kids. Although in reality, seasonal schooling can actually ruin the already well organized schedule you have. There are far better ways to improve the school schedule. While seasonal schooling at first may seem like the perfect solution to health related issues, this inconsistent schedule can change the course of a child’s entire day, and create a more stressful academic environment.


The proposed scheduling for seasonal schooling would follow something like this:

Fall: 8:30-3:30

Winter: 9:00-4:00

Spring: 8:00-3:00

Those for seasonal schooling say this schedule would give students the best opportunities for sleep, homework, and adjusting to the start of the year and each new season. In reality, this would be a very inconsistent and needlessly complicated schedule if put into action. A schedule like this would be difficult to adjust to, and might actually make sleep worse because of its inconsistent nature.


This unsettling environment could easily cause a student stress considering that many students have activities right after school and may even end up doing their homework at around midnight. Doesn’t this all make sense now? This explains why a lot of students can relate to staying up so late working on projects. Seasonal schooling would not give students more time for homework. They would actually have to stay up later since school would start and end later. And since school would start later, everything else would be pushed back, and it would not make a difference. Seasonal schooling does not relieve stress that a normal student would feel. It would actually cause more stress and make kids stay up later. It basically allows kids to stay up later, since school would start later in the day. And when the season changes, it would be even more stressful as everything just suddenly is earlier or later, without a smooth transition. Seasonal schooling is just too much stress!


Now as more interruptions pile on, has it ever occurred that maybe after a long, hard day at school that a student might want to spend time with their family and friends? Well they would! A survey taken by about 1,000 students conducted by the University of Phoenix College of Education revealed that even high schoolers taking up to five courses could even take up to 17.5 hours of homework each week! That means they have about 3.5 hours of homework each school day. What all this information leads to is that since seasonal schooling pushes forward the time, a lot of students have to jam in their homework at night that may take hours to complete. For a lot of students, those 2.5 hours each weekday takes away valuable time during the day that could’ve been spent with their family whom they didn’t see all day. Not to mention that practically every student has activities after school, and yes, even a social life to contain; and spending their free time doing their homework won’t allow students to spend time with their friends outside of school, or their families at all.

Therefore, it isn’t as though there’s no solution to all these problems students have to face because of seasonal schooling. All of these difficulties can be avoided by just continuing a consistent schedule. Students do not have to stay up until 1AM to do their homework, and they don’t need time taken away from them to spend time with their family and friends. Undoubtedly, these ingredients creating a stressful environment in practically every aspect imaginable is all because of seasoning schooling. First and foremost, seasonals schooling is behind all of these unfortunate occurrences. In conclusion, seasonal schooling practically bans students to hang out with their family/friends, and pushes students past their limits for schoolwork they can and can’t complete accordingly to their schedule.

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Why Seasonal Schooling is a Bad Idea.